Does God Really Love Us?

MauiConflicting Character or Skewed Perception? Understanding the God of the Old Covenant.

The Old Testament has a way of making me feel completely inept.  I’ve read the New Testament backwards and forwards many times, but every once in awhile I’m convicted about my avoidance of the Old Testament with all it’s Law, it’s genealogies, it’s prophets, and it’s scandalous stories.  The Sunday school answer is that Jesus is just as much in the Old Testament as the New, but I as the reader still struggle to find Him there sometimes. Continue reading

I am a Redeemed daughter. I am a 33 year old wife, and mother to 2 boys and 1 girl. Every day feels full to the brim with our kids and our orchard life and all that it entails, but I never stop looking for Jesus in
all the details. I long for the day that our world is completely lit up by His love and grace; that day when the gospel spreads like fire, and freedom blows through nations in a way that liberates the captives and bonds enemies as friends. I like to lose myself in books, look for beauty through the lens of a camera, put words to the page to try to unravel the tangle of thoughts in my mind, and I am absolutely crazy about seeing life-giving relationships come alive through friendships and shared passions. I’m hopelessly hooked on coffee, podcasts, music, and skies.
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How to Crave More of God

I looked out the window bewildered at the sound of rain. After spending the last week and a half in a pool of my own sweat, the hard rainfall felt like an answer to prayer after a long, dry drought. I did what I always do when it actually rains in Hawaii (we’ve always lived on the dry side of the islands), I lit candles and opened up every door and every window to take it all in. Out one window were dark clouds, and out the other was blue sky and palm trees. I knew it wouldn’t last long. I wanted to do all the cozy things and pretend we actually lived somewhere with real seasons, which I often crave here on this tropical little island. Continue reading

Laura is the co-founder + editor behind SWS. She is currently living on Maui with her husband, where they’re passionate about serving and glorifying Jesus. She loves naps, surfing, adventuring with their border collie, Mowgli, and is an advocate for the fact that #GraceNeverRunsOut.
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When You Need to Decrease to Increase

increaseGod has a way of teaching us something a million different ways until the truth we need to learn is pounded into our hearts and brains.

Let me expound.

Lent began the first of March. Decrease was the theme I chose to pursue these weeks leading up to Easter. Decrease of sugar, of resources, of achievements. A total decrease of self is really what it came down to. I was ready for me to be smaller, and hungry for Christ to become central to the entirety of my life. I opened my Bible, threw out the remaining Christmas candy, and began down the path of less. Continue reading

Greer Oharah is a lover of authentic words and strong coffee. She blogs over at where she writes on encountering God in the sacredness of daily life. She is a nanny, choral accompanist, and piano teacher. Her home is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains where she lives with her gallant, school-teaching husband.
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When Saying No Gives You Freedom


Many times in life we are pulled in so many different directions, and as women we tend to be the caretakers. We take care of the children, the household responsibilities, we take care of the family member or friend who desires a helping hand, we loan ourselves to the neighbor or the new mom down the street, and most certainly to the church when every task arises. We are the caretakers of everyone but ourselves. Continue reading

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Seeking Adventure in the Midst of the Mundane


Do you ever feel yourself craving the air of a new season? Not just the leaves changing from vibrant green to rich auburn, or the crisp caress of cool fall nights, but the shift of life events, a new journey, a fresh start. Sometimes my heart focuses on an event, a project, or a goal just because I’m craving the “next thing”.
Continue reading

Laura is the co-founder + editor behind SWS. She is currently living on Maui with her husband, where they’re passionate about serving and glorifying Jesus. She loves naps, surfing, adventuring with their border collie, Mowgli, and is an advocate for the fact that #GraceNeverRunsOut.
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The Choice of Trust


Part two of a testimony on grace + trust

If you’re just tuning in, catch up on part 1 of the story here.

Hot tears pricked my eyes as I struggled to regain composure. The job that we were so passionately counting on for my husband looked like it may not come through the way we were expecting, and I felt abandoned. I began to speak honestly to God, asking Him why- why this, why now, why did you lead us here, why haven’t you provided yet, asking him how- how will you provide, how will this come about, how will we pay our bills, how will we find a job that is a fit for our new schedule, and asking him when- when will you show us your face again, when will we know, when will we be okay, when will we have answers? Last month I wrote about our testimony over the past 8 months, and the incredible peace that the Lord has provided during this time of unsettled unknowns. And while I meant and still do mean with 100% sincerity every word, I wanted to write a follow up post about the humanness of it all. Continue reading

I’m a 25 year old living out of the abundance of Jesus’ unending grace and mercy. I thrive off of deep vulnerability and connection with others, while striving to live into the call of outpouring encouragement onto others. Often described as feisty, passionate, talkative, and compassionate, I am ENFJ through and through. You’ll most likely find me training for a race, handlettering or painting, whipping up a new healthy and whole recipe in the kitchen, singing worship songs at the top of my lungs in my car, or watching the Office with my husband. What do I love most? Pretty light, hearing people’s stories of redemption, peonies, my husband’s smile, white walls, and the smell of rain.
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