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Beating Burnout Ebook

Some days the to-do lists feel more overwhelming than others. You just can’t fit it all in. When is there going to be a break? When will I finally get it together? How do the other wives/moms/teachers/pastors/students do it all, and do it all so well? If you’re anything like me, comparison and doubts can be numbing and consuming. And your relationship with God becomes so buried under life’s daily chaos that you feel your faith life doesn’t stand a chance. “I’ll get it under control once A, B, or C.” You continue to fill in the blanks with excuse after excuse, but feel as though you’re drowning and there’s just no way to catch up. Your family, ministry, and work are out of balance and you’re tired of the juggling act.

Have you been there? Tell me I’m not alone.

Friends, if this is you, I’ve put together a free eBook on 5 ways to overcome burnout and stay on fire for the Lord. It’s designed especially for you tired mamas, wives, sisters, teachers, and friends, and it’s totally free. Sign up below, and your eBook will be delivered directly to your inbox this week! I pray this encourages you and lifts your spirits. Because being on the brink of burning out is unhealthy for your body, mind, and spirit. And He’s designed us for so much more.

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