A Sign of Faith


We’ve just put the finishing touches on our holiday collection at the lifestyle brand where I work. And you know what’s hot right now? Stars. These little pointed shapes are everywhere; jewelry, stationery, t-shirts, handbags, tights, you name it. Everything looks more festive if you put stars on it. I think it’s the sparkle factor!

When we finish a collection, we finish a creative visual campaign to go along with it. We could have gone in any direction for this star-studded holiday. Easy picks included themes like, ‘You’re a star,’ and ‘What’s your star sign,’ among others. I dismissed the star sign one faster than you can say, “twinkle, twinkle.” I believe the exact reason for dismissal in my head was, “Nonsense.” And honestly, I’ve never really given any more thought than that to star signs and horoscopes. It’s not something I care about or have any strong opinions about. I just know in my spirit it’s not for me to focus on. Most of my friends (even some of my Christian ones) are interested in these things and I don’t really want to cause dissent by asking the awkward question: Why? Why do you believe in this?

Which brings me to another awkward question I never thought I would ask (much less on a faith-based blog!); Do you know what your star sign is? No judgment if you do (or don’t)! I ask because I wonder if you’ve ever thought about why we turn to horoscopes, what we are looking for, and if God has given you any relevant wisdom that you might share with us.

From what I can tell, a star sign is something people look to for comfort, direction, confirmation, humor maybe, wisdom for sure. It’s allegedly tied to when we were born. I think the need for all of these things is innate within us, a ‘God-shaped hole,’ if you will. For centuries it has been part of our humanness. And luckily, the answer to these longings preceded our needs.

As Joyce Meyer says, “Why worship the stars when you can worship the one who made the stars?” And I say, why would you want to be led (or influenced) by anyone other than the all knowing? Who better to comfort, direct, confirm, and provide wisdom than the one who designed you? In Mark 4:24, we’re are advised by Jesus to “consider carefully what you hear,” and I feel like this is one of those issues that begs us to proceed with cautious consideration. Remember, Jesus had the ultimate mature point of view on our attention – he knew that we couldn’t serve two masters, that we would always only have the capacity to choose one (Luke 16:13). I am certain that the time has come when, to suit our own desires, we gather people (and horoscopes) around us to “say what our itching ears want to hear.” (2 Timothy 4:3-5) If you’re still in doubt about how God feels about this, check out Leviticus 19:31 and 20:6-7. So blunt!

I don’t want to end with that admonishment. Instead, I want to encourage you that going forward, when you assess your identity and circumstances, don’t allow yourself to be defined by anything other than God’s love. Which is to say, place your faith for your future on the one who has loved you through every part of your past. And if you are asked what your sign is, you can answer, “My sign is Faith. It’s the sign of unshakeable belief and trust in God, so I’m no longer searching for answers in the stars or here on earth.”
Danielle is an author and entrepreneur. She loves afternoon tea, weddings, and finding the perfect gifts for her favourite people. Her mission is to hire and train the unemployed, and to help women joyfully celebrate life. Danielle was a corporate banker for years and has lived and worked in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

You can find more of Danielle’s work at www.definingsomeday.com & www.laceandscone.com

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